This section contains the latest news about my alternative theory of relativity. 

July 4, 2021 - “The Simple Theory of Relativity” REJECTED by Academia Letters

I just received a rejection from the peer-reviewed journal Academia Letters regarding my manuscript about the Simple Theory of Relativity. Now before you start sending me condoleances, white lilies or other symbols of sympathy (or glee for that matter 😂) I tell you that I am very excited about this, because it was on the edge…! Of the total of 19 referees 9 recommended publication, 9 recommended rejection and 1 vote was neutral. Not bad for a manuscript that rewrites science since 1887! The arguments for rejection were in essence:

1. Too short, missing several aspects (I agree completely, but hey, I was not allowed to use more than 1600 words and I already used 1604)

2. Formulas contained typos (very true, but that was because the automatic typeset algorithm of Academia Letters is full of bugs and there was no way to correct the typos or contact the editor)

3. Conservative and dogmatic arguments such as “there is no edge, there is a horizon”, "it is unambiguously measured that ether does not exist” etc. These comments come from dinosaurs of science, I know the species well and I use to call them "fossil physicists”. They should retire and learn to play a musical instrument or something. Other critical comments were based on a wrong understanding of what I wrote (likely also related to the shortness of the letter).

Below are some quotes of the 
referees that accepted:

  • "The paper is certainly a source of ideas worthy of future exploration.”
  • "Very clear explanation, thank you for your instructive approach.”
  • “...a simple and illustrative description of GTR. Therefore, I think that it could be interesting for peers and to general audience.”
  • "Lovely thoughts on how our universe works in layman's terms. The conceptual framework is very logical and structural.”
  • “It has been a pleasure reading this interesting paper. […] it uses solid science, restoring cosmology away from its recent metaphysical course. I am pleased to recommend publication of this provocative article.”
  •  “The model proposed has an interesting approach […] ...that adds a novel way in which we can deal with hypothesized additional dimensions.”
  • "Re-introduction of 4D space, and "ether wind" is a superb approach to explaining this complex phenomena.”
  • "Eltjo Haselhoff: superb paper. Very well written.”

Positive quotes of the referees that rejected:

  • “This letter is a brave attempt to explain certain relativistic effects in the broader context of a radially expanding 3-sphere. There is certainly the germ of a good idea here.
  • "Keep writing such papers though, a person never knows what the future experiments will show and possibly support your theory instead of not supporting your theory.”
  • "I do not want to insist on refusing to publish the article…”

All in all, you will understand that I am very excited about this result. Sure, it was a rejection but what else can you expect if you spend 4 hours to summarize preliminary findings that would cast a totally new light on paradigms created by the greatest minds of all times and which have been solidly in place in the scientific community since the year 1887? In addition, I received many valid recommendations for follow up work, references to earlier work by others, and also personal contact information from several of the referees. Rest assured I will be in touch, guys!

Thanks to all referees for their time and their feedback (including the fossil physicists 😉), and thanks to Academia Letters for the invite, which in the end provided me with massive encouragement and many handles to proceed with my research. I will continue to work on the Platonic Theory of Relativity because I am convinced I’m on to something. Or, to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’ll BE BACK!" 

July 3, 2021 - As of today, The Simple Theory of Relativity will be called The Platonic Theory of Relativity

All of you who understand my reasoning will understand the logic. If not, read the new introduction i just wrote here. Plato should get his merits because I think he was spot on! 

June 23, 2021 - The Simple Theory of Relativity under peer review

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Academia Letters to submit an “...ultra-short research paper (800-1600 words), such as brief reports, case studies, or “orphaned” findings and ideas dropped from previously-published work.” Tonight, in a happy mood, I decided to give it a shot and spend 4 hours to write my current insights about The Simple Theory of Relativity in exactly 1600 words. Academia Letters does this as an experiment and aims at a one-pass acceptance or rejection after peer review, all within two weeks. Interesting. So I sumbitted my manuscript, which is in essence the text on this page. It’s a long shot, well see how it goes. If it gets accepted it will be a stunner! :-)

October 3rd, 2020 - “The Simplified Theory of Relativity or E=mc² 2.0”, lecture by Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, MSc, PhD, FGP via Zoom 

Ever since secondary school Eltjo has been intrigued by the inconsistencies in contemporary physics, which were in harsh contrast with the elegant consistence of mathematics. When Eltjo recently discovered that according to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity light particles cannot exist in our universe, he decided to start all over with a Simplified Theory of Relativity. Along the way he not only managed to remove many inconsistencies and peculiarities in modern physics, but he also discovered a bridge that could possibly cast a new light on paranormal activities such as UFOs, (dis)appearances of objects and people, crop circles and life after death, all by a new, simplified scientific theory. Interested? For details see the website of Sky High Creations

December 1st, 2018 - dr. Eltjo Haselhoff: “Natuurkunde en het paranormale (ofwel de relativiteitstheorie verbeterd)” 

(This lecture will be in Dutch only). 

Eltjo Haselhoff is een multi talent met een indrukwekkende staat van dienst in wetenschap, techniek, beeldende kunst en muziek. Hij spreekt vijf talen en is dr. Ir. in de natuurkunde. Hij heeft een vijftal wereldwijde patenten en is auteur van vele wetenschappelijke publicaties en boeken, waaronder enkele hoog gewaardeerde boeken over graancirkels in verschillende talen. Daarnaast is hij cartoon tekenaar, gepassioneerd fotograaf en schilder en hij speelt verschillende instrumenten waaronder piano, banjo, viool en bovenal akoestische gitaar. Eltjo heeft verschillende albums uitgebracht met zelf gecomponeerde muziek, maar hij is ook te horen op albums van andere musici. Verder heeft hij een aantal video cursussen gemaakt met gitaarlessen. Ook is Eltjo een vaardig geluidstechnicus en timmerman, maakt hij houten instrumenten en programmeert hij smartphones. In het dagelijks leven is hij marketing manager bij één van de belangrijkste producenten van MRI scanners voor de cardiologie. Voor details: zie deze link

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